Golden Circle – Iceland


Iceland Tour of

You cannot come to Iceland and not witness this magical tour. I had the pleasure of spending the day with a great guide named Ragnar on Bustravel Iceland. Such a great story teller of Icelandic history. I would take any tour of Iceland with him .. I wish I had more time.

We started before sunrise because the sun doesn’t rise until about 10:00 am right now in the winter. It was hazy outside, -10 degrees, and perfect. The tour lasted about 9 hours with plenty of breaks and stops for photos. If you go on this tour, prepare yourself for the magic of the island of Fire and Ice!

Lake Kerið

Our first stop of the day was to a volcanic crater,lake Kerið. The crater isn’t entirely massive, but I wouldn’t want to be the person who falls in.


Faxi waterfall

Beautiful and overlooked waterfall in Iceland…

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Kyle Colpack is a travel blogger and visited adventures locations on regular basis. Kyle Colpack always in the happy mood because he thinks to make life good we need to happy always.
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